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Interface development is a complex area of health information technology. As the federal government pushes HIEs, physicians and patients to share information, it becomes more apparent as to how difficult interoperability is to achieve. Physicians work on disparate EHR and PM systems, HIEs utilize different database platforms and there is further complication caused by third-party application integration.

Solve Healthcare has the programming talent and management skills to create and connect healthcare interfaces.

Here is our typical engagement model:

  • Business Objectives: We work with the client and corresponding parties to host dialogue and establish the collective business goals. Without defining the purpose of an interfacing initiative, parties can lose interest and lose sight of the value of sharing data with one another. Moreover, we want to clearly define the logistical, financial and clinical benefits of establishing an interface.
  • Technical Considerations: Technology is at the center of building an interface. Solve Healthcare works with all parties to understand the software (ex. EHR, PM, diagnostics), hardware (ex. firewalls, VPNs) and operations (ex. security, permissions) items related to the technical architecture of the interface. More importantly, we identify talent, establish Project Management responsibilities and delineate duties accordingly.
  • Phasing: Interfaces are typically built in phases and along strict guidelines so there is no impact on the live environment. Solve Healthcare prepares and delivers a timeline on behalf of our client and works with all parties to agree on deliverables.
  • Project Management: We proactively manage the project on the client’s behalf, hosting incremental meetings, generating reports and sharing progress through demonstrations and education.
  • Change Management and Production: After all phases of development are complete and both parties have confirmed successful functionality and testing, we work with the client to establish a training program for Change Management. Designated personnel are trained on the interface and a date is set for go-live.

Solve Healthcare believes that cooperation is key. Interface development can take a tremendous amount of patience and technical acumen. We remove the burden of interoperability nightmares and work on your behalf to get the job done.

There are so many different physician groups using different software suites, with different capabilities and no resources or direction to begin the process of communicating. Interfacing amongst physician groups, large and small, is at a stalemate. Solve Healthcare can energize the interoperability experience and foster cooperation between groups and reveal the host of benefits that result from enhanced communication.

Independent Physician Associations (IPAs)

Solve Healthcare acts as a partner to IPAs seeking to connect their Providers. Our Interface Development Team collaborates with Providers and vendors to catalog the different EHR systems and interface options. Most IPAs choose to host a centralized platform (ex. mirth) to securely exchange data and utilize universal messaging features (ex. HL7, ADT A04) to process, store and distribute data. This platform can be securely accessed by IPA participants to access patient information, produce reports and analytical data.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

ACOs are highly incentivized to connect their physicians and health system participants. Establishing a fully functional interface at an ACO can be produce strong financial and clinical outcomes. Not to mention, the roles of payers and data exchange. Solve Healthcare focuses on the following benefits of interface development and outcomes:

  • Importance of payer role
  • Member’s health lifecycle
  • Standardization of billing and claims operations/management
  • Clinical decision support
  • Enhanced eligibility
  • Cost savings
  • Developing a sustainable model of an HIE
  • HIE-to-HIE collaboration and connectivity


Solve Healthcare has experience with the following medical practice EHR systems:

  • Allscripts (Pro Suite and Enterprise)
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Greenway
  • NextGen
  • Practice Fusion

This list does not reflect our qualification to establish an interface. Interfaces are driven by database interaction and Solve Healthcare’s Interface Development Team has the expertise to work with any EHR system.

Enterprise organizations are the frontrunners in the race to interface. However, many large healthcare organizations still remain disconnected from their Providers, patients and other health systems. Solve Healthcare provides leadership and technical support to initiate communication at top-level healthcare organizations. We understand the complexity of enterprise EHR systems, roles of management, administration, clinical staff and information technology people.

Hospital and Health Systems

Solve Healthcare’s Interface Development Team determines that hospital interfaces require the following components:

  • An application that sends information
  • An application that receives information
  • A secure transport method to exchange information
  • A system designed to handle, queue and process messages
  • An auditing and logging system

There are a number of ways to achieve this technical configuration. Solve Healthcare utilizes the following methods to establish communication at hospitals and health systems:

  • Site-to-Site: This interface utilizes secure end-to-end hardware and software tools such as encryption and firewall (VPN) connections. Using this approach assumes that applications at both ends are capable of communicating without any complex message handling.
  • Interface Engine: A more popular method is using an interface engine as an intermediary between two applications that are otherwise unable to easily or accurately communicate. Interface engines can transform messages into readable data on both ends of the interface to ensure that information crosses over and is populated correctly.

Solve Healthcare has experience implementing both of these solutions and we can help you to determine which method is most suitable.

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

The federal government has tasked HIEs with very difficult initiatives and very little support. In fact, most HIEs are just beginning to craft a criteria for interoperability and secure the support of their communities. Solve Healthcare supports HIEs to develop and deploy consenting platforms as the first step in achieving more meaningful data exchange. We’ve developed a proprietary solution precisely for this initiative. You can learn more about how the solution works by visiting our Case Studies page.

In addition, Solve Healthcare works with participants within an HIE community to onboard physician practices and connect participants to HIE platforms.


Solve Healthcare is staffed with technical professionals that have specific expertise implementing, programming and supporting the following platforms:

  • Cerner
  • Dedalus
  • dbMotion
  • Epic
  • mirth
  • Orion Health Rhapsody Integration Engine

Technologies other than EHR systems may require interfacing assistance. Solve Healthcare works with third-party application vendors to design and navigate the technical profiles of healthcare-driven applications to exchange different data types.

Mobile Devices

Solve Healthcare’s App Development Team and Interface Experts collaborate to connect mobile apps to healthcare applications such as EHR systems, wearable technology and Patient Portals. Our clients benefit from the unique collaboration between our in-house mobile application developers and interface experts to provide top-notch, end-to-end programming and integration skills:

  • Expertise with iOS and HealthKit interfacing
  • Expertise with Android, “Android Wear” and “Google Fit” interfacing
  • Expertise with mobile messaging encryption over wireless networks

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud storage and information exchange is slowly gaining traction in healthcare. Solve Healthcare assists cloud-based solution providers to integrate their technology into healthcare applications. Solve Healthcare’s Interface Development Team provides cloud-based companies with secure, HIPAA-compliant interfacing techniques and programming expertise. Compliance in the most difficult hurdle in building confidence in the cloud amongst patients and Providers. We provide our cloud clients with the following services:

  • Validation of secure exchange under HIPAA guidelines
  • Implementation of secure pathways and interface engines to achieve compliance
  • Secure file storage and encryption methodologies

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