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With the numerous changes taking place that affect how healthcare is delivered and reimbursed, healthcare and non-healthcare companies alike are seeking to take advantage of the tremendous business opportunity at hand. The transition from paper charts to software in clinical settings, healthcare reform, regulatory changes, and decreased reimbursement have culminated to the single largest transition healthcare has ever seen. So, it’s no surprise that business consulting services are in high demand, but there is a lack of qualified personnel to suffice this growing and evolving need.

Solve Healthcare’s Business Consulting group is comprised of a cross-sector of the Company’s multidisciplinary team. Our health IT professionals, compliance/regulatory lawyers, and clinical/administrative workflow experts work collaboratively, as our team’s deep and diverse experience coalesce during each client engagement.

In order to contextualize services or products for the healthcare industry, companies must have a comprehensive understanding of the webwork of healthcare regulations and furthermore, need to have a strong understanding of clinical workflow to test the adoptability of their solutions. With our team’s unique, synergistic approach, we’re able to help clients develop meaningful and effective strategies and/or solutions.

Solve Healthcare works with a wide array of clients including Provider organizations (hospitals and large private practices), health information exchanges (HIE), patient concierge companies, healthcare technology companies (enterprise level and start-up), and non-healthcare companies that are either enhancing their products/services to solicit healthcare clients or developing new lines of healthcare products/services.


Solve Healthcare has specific expertise related to startup companies entering the healthcare space. We’ve worked with companies large and small.  Here are just some of the areas we have experience with:

  • Application Compliance
  • Cloud Storage
  • Consenting
  • Diagnostics
  • Interoperability
  • Medical Devices
  • mHealth
  • Patient Engagement
  • Text Messaging
Technology Validation

We help startups to validate their technology solutions for eligibility and application in healthcare. We have expertise with desktop software, smartphone applications, medical devices and interfaces.

Compliance Preparation

Products and services must be fully-compliant before entering the marketplace. Our Compliance Experts can help you to layer the correct protocols and technology features into your product or service. We educate our clients on the role of HIPAA and other regulatory requirements and how these mandates can serve as an advantageous marketing tool.

Workflow Integration

We consult with our clinical experts to determine how to best present your product or service to consumers. Our network of valued clients provide us with feedback on how to improve the integration of your solution.

Investor Networking

Startups seeking investment can take advantage of our incubators and investors looking for new opportunities in healthcare. We pair up the right people and passions.

VC & Private Equity

Investors are often overwhelmed by the influx of startups and individuals purporting to have the next “big idea” for healthcare. The fact is, there just are not enough qualified people to guide investors on the rapid changes taking place in healthcare- mandates, technology interfaces, electronic health records, etc. After all, the healthcare information technology industry is still in its infancy. Our Business Consultants can help VCs and private equity firms diffuse the static and augment their associates and portfolio managers to screen and evaluate opportunities.

Transaction Advisory and Due Diligence

Solve Healthcare can accurately identify and evaluate competing solutions and prepare a prospectus on the true potential of an investment opportunity based on specific industry data, changes to technology, mandates and costing.

Compliance Validation

We find that many ideas are doomed because they fail to meet or consider compliance requirements. Don’t waste time getting behind a solution that is unprepared or unscalable to meet mandates. We task our in-house attorneys and compliance professionals to perform a series of tests to determine the long-term standing of your investment.

Executive in Residence

We can assist struggling companies to get back on track. Our Business Consultants can provide executive and technical leadership in business development, identify problem areas and improve efficiency of an organization.


Solve Healthcare’s network of valued clients participate in pilot programs to test new solutions and provide feedback to our team regarding adoption, price modeling, integration and even business planning.

Deal Sourcing

Solve Healthcare leads and works with a number of healthcare-centric accelerators and incubators across the globe.  Our Business Consultants can act as a catalyst to your firm, pairing you with like-minded entrepreneurs, products and services.

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