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Medical Practices

Solve Healthcare works with groups with at least 4 Providers. As a full-service agent to our clients, we combine the most critical services utilized by medical practices to help them scale their technology environment, meet compliance objectives and cost-effectively integrate all aspects of their business. Our representatives can discuss your priorities and help you to determine which services are most suitable for your organization.

Hospitals, HIEs, ACOs and IPAs

Our team works with a variety of enterprise opportunities. We can prepare a customized delivery method to introduce new solutions, revamp infrastructure with no downtime and build interface tools to securely exchange data and connect your Providers. Correspond with one of our representatives to understand how our thoughtful evaluation process will adequately prepare you for changes that will undoubtedly impact large healthcare organizations.

Startups, VCs and Private Equity

We love to help entrepreneurs looking to make a splash in healthcare. We thoroughly examine products and solutions for application in the healthcare marketplace and validate all solutions under HIPAA guidelines. Additionally, Solve Healthcare’s executive team provides validation and strategy to venture capitalists and private equity firms exploring new investment opportunities. Educate us on your vision and we can charter new territory together.

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