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Italy’s largest healthcare IT company seeks to export the worldwide success of their wide-ranging X1.V1 interoperability platform to tackle biggest health IT problem facing the U.S.

NEW YORK, NY – As vendors across the U.S. struggle to build confidence around interoperability, Italy’s most influential health IT company believes they have the answer. Since 1990, Dedalus has been centrally focused on connecting health systems through the use of their vendor-neutral software, X1.V1. CEO Giorgio Moretti says that “drawing on Dedalus’ experience with similar challenges encountered in the States, we are confident that X1.V1 will enable the healthcare enterprise with the workflow and communication tools needed to achieve interoperability with efficiency and effectiveness.” Moretti has the stats to prove it. The X1.V1 platform is presently responsible for communication between more than 23,000 Providers and 15,000 Hospitals, across 6 continents and in various languages. From its global headquarters in Florence, Dedalus appreciates their significant contribution to making Italy #2 on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of the World’s Health Systems.

X1.V1 combines clinical and administrative applications with a robust statistical reporting system to drive care coordination and zoom in on cost cutting measures.

What’s more is Dedalus’ unique exposure to U.S.-based electronic health records. Over the years, the X1.V1 platform has successfully integrated with the likes of McKesson, Siemens, Allscripts and a host of other vendors embedded in the U.S. Lapo Bertini, one of Dedalus’ chief technology architects and Vendor Co-Chair of the IHE Europe, says “We’ve built the X1.V1 platform to be flexible and scalable enough to connect with virtually any health information system and report quality information back to stakeholders.”

This March, Dedalus selected Solve Healthcare as a strategic partner to enter the U.S. marketplace. “We are thrilled to bring the X1.V1 platform to the masses; this disruptive and proven technology is sure to restore confidence that interoperability is not a pipe dream,” says Sheel Mehta, Chief Information Officer at Solve Healthcare. Dedalus partnered with Solve due to their deep understanding of HIPAA compliance and workflow considerations. Solve will function as both a distributor and systems integrator for Dedalus by leveraging their existing workforce and network. Solve’s Chief Compliance Officer, Sajjad Khan, added “My team and I have been thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfulness and foresight of the X1.V1 platform as it relates to HIPAA compliance. Much of what they are already implementing far exceeds compliance protocols under Meaningful Use guidelines, which will give our customers and patients in the U.S. the confidence they need.”

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Dedalus Healthcare Systems Group is a leading provider of Healthcare IT software in Europe and Italy’s largest by revenue and market share. Established in Florence in 1990, Dedalus has over 30 offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Dedalus offers a wide range of innovative solutions, with over 200 implementations globally. With US operations based in Washington, DC, Dedalus is actively tasked in supporting health providers in both the public and private spheres by promoting better quality of care through the deployment of the world’s most advanced interoperability platform, X1.V1. For more information, please visit

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Solve Healthcare is a full-service Health Information Technology company that specializes in assisting healthcare organizations choose, set up and administer information technology, EHR and Practice Management systems, while improving productivity through the use of the latest technologies. Our talented team of experts is staffed with technical, compliance and optimization professionals who work together to provide personalized and cost-effective solutions to medical practices, hospitals and startups. Solve Healthcare’s solutions include IT services and support, HIPAA compliance, backup systems, EHR/PM optimization, training, interfaces, app development and business consulting. For more information, please visit

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