The healthcare information technology is bubbling with new ideas- all the time. Some experts believe that instead of innovating, the industry should be focused on repurposing proven solutions to help drive results. Take your bank, for instance.  One can, within seconds, access their banking information on a smartphone or computer, view current and historical data, perform basic teller functions, etc. Healthcare technology adoption is slow because there is a cadre of vendors with dollar signs in their eyes trying to penetrate the market.  Often times, this creates confusion and dysfunction.

The reality is, healthcare is struggling to ditch the legacy systems of the past and instead, CIOs and CTOs across the country are trying to revive their dying technology systems by “innovating” them. Enterprise organizations can’t seem to adopt a strategy focused on replacing their infrastructure and remain hostage to obsolete, limited faculties.

At Solve Healthcare, we encourage our clients and partners to leverage the success of others- in the form of strategy, technology solutions and even messaging. Our Business Consultants rely on their experience in working with different profiles in healthcare to create a set of tools to qualify and enhance business objectives. Visit for more information.

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